Warehouse Solutions

Founded in 1996 as a family company, Ko Htaik International is now a well-diversified company with market share in various industries in Myanmar. Our Intra-logistic Solution Department was started in 2015 with a Dealership of Linde Material Handling and Godrej Storage Solutions. Today, our Engineering teams with practical experience from the area of logistics and warehousing continually develop new solutions in warehouse logistics for our valued customers.

Leading Experts in Warehouse Logistics

Intralogistics is the art of optimizing, automating, integrating, and managing the logistical flow of material goods with the flow of information pertaining to those goods within the walls of a fulfillment center, distribution center, or warehouse. It can also encompass the logistical flow of materials within an entire supply chain, but for the purposes of this discussion, the focus between the walls of distribution and fulfillment center. Strategic Planning

Our range of performances in the domains of warehouse planning and logistic consulting includes:

  • Strategic Planning and Logistic Design
  • Facilities design and automation
  • Systems Design, Integration and Implementation
  • Information Technology
  • Material handling equipment planning
  • Storage Solutions
  • Realizing warehouse project as the responsible general contractor
  • Modernizing, optimizing and reorganizing the logistic processes of existing warehouses.
  • Detailed process shaping
  • Project attending consulting in all project phases
  • Industry-spanning benchmarking of your logistic processes
  • Feasibility studies for new warehouse strategies
  • Development of innovating logistic concepts and solutions
  • Benching marking and efficiency studies of manual and automated warehouses.

Detailed fine concepts

For best processes in your warehouse

The following fine concept deepens the selected variant of the target concept and depicts the details for the adjusted dimensions of capacities according to the elaborated key figures. It also depicts future alternative options of usage and offers the highest flexibility possible and investment security.