Our pallets are manufactured to support heavy loads and can reduce risk of product damage in storage solutions. Our company provides pallets that are uniquely designed in different dimensions. We offer two-way and four-way pallets for multi use.

Corrugated Pallet
Tubular Pallet
Plastic Pallet
Cage Pallet Wiremesh Pallet
Stackable Pallet
Machine tool cabinet
Tool Storage Lockers
Tool Transfer Trolleys

Our machine tool cabinet can be arranged and equipped to meet specific needs and generats a productive work environment on the shop floor.

We provide tool storage lackers that can store tools and tooling material and are lockable. Tool storage lockers help in proper storage of tools, avoiding of the mixing of tools and can save time.

Our worktables can reduce the errors of work and prevent injuries. It can be used for high capacity load.

We provide tool transfer trolleys which allow work to be done better, faster and safer. We offer wide range of tool transfer trolleys that can be used to transfer tools from machine tool cabinet to work space.

  • Render excellent durability and longevity
  • Free from any splinters, termites & other contaminates.
  • Compatible with all types of Material Handling Equipments
  • High thermal resistance and do not easily catch fire.