SERIES 1151/1152



  • 1.6 - 2.0 tonnes capacity
  • Electric Motor
  • Ideal for Transporting


The proportional speed control varies truck speed automatically in relation to tiller angle for safe, comfortable and productive operation and a Creep speed button ensures high manoeuvrability in confined areas when operating at low speeds with the tiller in the upright position. End-of-stroke resistance on the tiller avoids accidental, abrupt braking and soft tiller fold-back slows down the tiller when returning into upright position, avoiding tiller snapping on the motor cover. This model is a compact, rounded shape with a strong, robust steel construction with a low chassis skirt to protect operator‘s feet. With sturdy fork tips: each can support a load of 2,000 kg without bending and large castor wheels with shock absorbers for stability on ramps and uneven floors.

  • Wide, deep storage compartment for shrink wrap, pens, markers etc.
  • Strong and durable Exxtral® motor and battery cover
  • Hourmeter, scheduled maintenance, fault code and battery discharge indicator
  • The ergonomic Grivory® material ensures effortless operation
  • Long tiller provides a large safety clearance between operator and chassis
  • Comfortable controls, operable with either hand and gloves
  • Powerful, smooth-running AC motor, 1.2 kW (at 100% output)
  • Traction speed adjustable up to6 km/h, laden or unladen
  • Booster effect provides higher torque for additional power
  • No roll-back on hill starts
  • Gradient performance: 24% unladen, 10% with 2t load
  • Highly efficient electromagnetic brake
  • Automatic braking on releasing traction butterfly or reversing direction
  • Truck slows before coming to a stop, remaining under total control at all times
  • Vertical battery change as standard
  • Side battery change on rollers as option
  • Battery capacities from 150 Ah to 375 Ah
  • Built-in 35 A charger as option
  • Zero maintenance, moisture and dust-proof AC motor
  • CAN-bus architecture enables fast, easy access to all truck data
  • Individually adjustable parameters via diagnostic plug
  • Rapid and convenient access to main components via front service panel


The combination of a new AC motor and Linde LAC digital control makes these pallet trucks highly efficient. Operating parameters can be adjusted to match any application. When additional performance is needed, a booster effect automatically provides higher torque.


The lower chassis is rounded in shape and low to the ground protecting the operator’s feet whilst the hand guards of the tiller head effectively shield his hands. The long tiller mounted low down on the chassis ensures ample safety clearance between operator and truck as well as keeping steering effort low.


All controls on the ergonomic tiller can be easily operated by either hand. A Creep speed button offers utmost manoeuvrability in confined areas. Proportional speed feature automatically alters traction speed in relation to the distance between truck and operator. Finished in tactile materials, these trucks deliver effortless, smooth load handling to deliver greater productivity.


It is not just about the truck in operation: a maintenance-free AC motor maximises uptime reducing operating costs. All truck data is immediately and easy accessible to the service engineer via the CAN-bus architecture. Fast, easy access to all internal components ensures service tasks are completed with a minimum of delay.


Despite their visual appeal, these pallet trucks are rugged and durable. Light, warm and robust at the same time the tiller out of Grivory® material ensures a highly resistant trucks interface. Exxtral®, launched for the motor cover gives no compromise regarding softness and sturdiness protecting the technical compartment. In addition, the fork tips which each withstands 2,000 kg contribute to a long, trouble-free life.


Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Australia has everything you need - all under the one roof.

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Linde Series 1151/1152 T16-T20 Electric Pallet Trucks