• 2.5 tonnes capacity
  • Manuallly Operated
  • Ideal for Transporting


Linde control tiller has a wide handle for effortless steering and optimum hand protection for convenient manoeuvring due to 220° steering pivot angle. The plastic handle covering affords pleasant and secure grip at all ambient temperatures. Smooth-running steer and low rolling resistance load wheels with entry/exit rollers under the fork tips simplify pallet pick-up and tapered and ramped fork tips make pallet entry much easier, especially with stretch-wrapped loads.

  • Sturdy, torsion-resistant steel construction
  • Reinforced tiller base ensures long life
  • High-grade powder coat finish
  • All joints fitted with bush bearings as standard
  • Hydraulic circuit sealed air and dust tight
  • Fast-lift feature as standard (active with loads up to 150 kg)


Air- and dust-tight enclosure of the hydraulic circuit ensures troublefree operation over long periods of time, no matter how harsh conditions may be on site. With the fast-lift feature, loads weighing up to 150kg can be lifted to maximum height in half the time. The M 25 is a hand pallet truck for peak performance.


At Linde, safety receives the closest attention in material handling trucks of every size. The wide handle of the Linde control tiller provides the operator with the necessary sense of safety, effectively protecting the hands throughout every maneuver, while the low-slung chassis prevents risk of foot injury.


The Linde M 25 Hand Pallet Truck lives up to its purpose of a high-convenience all-around helper. Functional design devoid of all sharp corners and edges plus a large steering pivot angle of 110° to either side make it exceptionally manageable and manoeuvrable inside a trailer or in other tight spaces.


Effective and cost efficient at work. Steer and load wheels are of very high quality, quiet running and low in rolling resistance. Bush bearings are fitted on all joints, making it possible to all but forget about wear and maintenance.


Torsion-resistant construction of the strong chassis permits safe handling of loads up to 2500 kg, raising capacity 25% above that of the customary standard 2000 kg truck. Long life is a built-in feature of the sturdy hydraulic lift unit housing, made as single-piece casting. The hard-wearing powder coat finish provides excellent protection from corrosion.


Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Australia has everything you need - all under the one roof.

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Linde Series 032 M25 Manual Pallet Trucks